DiRT Rally v1.03 Repack (7.8 GB)


Built by Codemasters and road tested over 60 million miles by the DiRT community, DiRT Rally is the ultimate rally experience. It captures the essence of what makes rally unique like no other game – that sense of trying to remain in control of your emotions, as you hurtle along dangerous, undulating roads at breakneck speed, aiming to squeeze everything out of your car whilst knowing that one crash could irreparably harm your stage time. Every stage tests you differently, as you race on the edge of control across varying surfaces in a range of environments such as snow, ice, tarmac and dirt and as you tackle a variety of weather types. As the car suffers attrition, you need to account for mechanical damage whilst your dedicated rally team tries to keep you competitive with time-limited repairs. Stages string together and each rally becomes a marathon-like test of concentration and skill as you trust in your co-driver, chasing that ever-elusive perfect run.

Minimum requirements

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: AMD FX Series or Intel Core i3 Series
Video Card: AMD HD5450 or Nvidia GT430 or Intel HD4000 with 1GB of VRAM (DirectX 11 graphics card required)
DirectX: 11
HDD Space: 35 GB (~40 GB during installation)


  1. Put all repack files in one folder
  2. Run ‘setup-multi5.exe’ to start Installation
  3. Select Installation Directory & proceed to install game
  4. Wait till it finishes
  5. Now Install Update
  6. Copy contents from Crack folder to installation directory
  7. Enjoy game from Desktop shortcut
  8. That’s all



Setup  (6.5 MB) | Repack File 1  (4.2 GB) | File 2  (1.4 GB) | File 3 (1.3 GB) | File 4 (327 MB) | File 5 (188 MB) | File 6 (169 MB) | File 7 (160.9 MB) | File 8 -(58.7 MB) | File 9 (20.9 MB) | File 10 -(11.2 MB) | File 11 (5.5 MB) | File 12 (724 KB) | File 13 (522.3 MB) | Update v1.03 (926 MB)

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